The Celts and Romans in Britain

By using our resources you can learn about the Ancient Britons and their struggle against the Roman invaders. Discover how the Romans first conquered and then shaped the history of the people of Britain.

The Celts

In the Iron Age, the people of Britain lived in tribes. Today these people are often called 'Celts'. The Celts controlled most of central Europe and by 700BC they also conquered the lands of Northern Spain. The Celts were a force in Britain by 480BC. Celtic tribes continued to migrate to Britain and to dominate the country.

The Romans

The Romans with their well-organised armies became the dominant power in the ancient world. Julius Caesar entered the history books when he led his Roman legions to conquer Gaul and then in 55BC he attacked Britain. The Romans did not settle in Britain until they renewed their attack on the island nearly a hundred years later. Then they ruled much of Britain until the legions departed to protect Rome nearly four hundred years later.

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