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June 2006

Roman Burial at Whitehall
A Roman skeleton was found during excavation at Whitehall Villa in 2003. Find out what the archaeologists discovered from his remains and view a 3-D reconstruction of his face. Other objects unearthed at Whitehall include Lower Nene Valley beakers which can also be viewed in 3-D.

Image courtesy: The Whitehall Farm Roman Villa and Landscape Project and photographer Martin Weaver


Reconstruction of the buried man's face, by Martin Weaver

April 2006

"Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga" - Smithsonian Museum
Viking artefacts from the Smithsonian Museum's exhibition: 'Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga' can be seen online. The 'Viking Voyage' section of the site provides a multimedia experience where you can listen to Viking sagas and watch video footage about the Vikings.

Link to Viking Voyage - Map of Viking Voage
October 2005

The Host of Henllys and the Defeat of Carn Alw - PCNP - no longer available
A story which captures the warrior mentality of neighbouring Celtic tribes centered around Castell Henllys. Look out for the interactive CD-Rom by the same title.

Link to Defeat of Carn Alw - Celtic warriors riding horses
September 2005

The Caerleon Challenge - NMGW, Newport LEA, and CADW
A Web Quest about the Bath House at Caerleon Roman Fortress. There are 5 tasks to complete. It includes an interesting bank of resources from the collections of the Roman Legionary Museum and CADW.

  Link to the Caerleon Challenge - Image of Roman Fortress Baths
June 2005

Ancient Civilizations - The British Museum
Pick from a number of Ancient Civilizations and discover more about topics such as trade and writing. The Celts are not included but in the Roman section there is some good source material related to the Vindolanda tablets.

  Link to Vindolanda Tablets - Image of Vindolanda Tablets

May 2005

Wetwang Chariot - BBC History Trail
See how archaeological evidence, found at the Wetwang chariot burial, has been used to
reconstruct a Celtic chariot. The interactive also includes a step by step demonstration of how
the chariot would have been made and you can test how much you learnt in the quiz.

  Image of Wetwang Chariot - Link

April 2005

Headline History - no longer available
Interview characters from the pages of history and then submit your newpaper report online. The topics to report on include: 'Boudicca's Deathly Defeat', 'Sick Travellers Seek Cure' and 'Hadrian's Wall is Complete'.

  Image of Roman Soldier - Link to Headline History

March 2005

Tour the Colosseum (Coliseum) - PBS
Take a tour of the Colosseum. Explore the most famous building of the Roman Empire. Includes: interesting facts about its construction and ancient frescoes of the gladiators who fought there.

Image of the Colosseum - Link to PBS page

February 2005

Children's Compass - The British Museum
A fascinating bank of photographs from the British Museum with written explainations designed to interest children. You can look at images from Roman Britain or another period of history and select from a range of topics.

  Link to British Museum - Compass - Bust of Claudius

January 2005

The Reticulum Project

Examine life in Northern Britain during the Romano-British period. The project is a partnership between the Museum of Antiquities and Northumberland First schools.

  Link to Reticulum Project - Logo

December 2004

Bath Bubbles - The Roman Baths, in Bath

In this game, you have to direct Claudius around the various rooms of the Roman Baths. During his day at the baths he interacts with the characters who work there.

  Link to interactive Bath house game - Roman Bath

May 2004

Construct an Aquaduct - PBS

A drag and drop excercise which illustrates how the Romans used technology to transport water from its source to their towns.

  Image of the activity - construct an aquaduct


April 2004

History Games - BBC

Test your knowledge of history with an interactive challenge

  Image of Gladiator in Colosseum

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