Celtic Books

Books about Celtic mythology were the inspiration behind much of what I read as a child. Books such as the Chronicles of Prydain and the Owl Service were steeped in ancient Welsh legend. Lord of the Rings was my favourite book during adolescence. I graduated into history books and was particularly interested in tales of Celtic warriors and the wars that they fought as documented by ancient writers. That interest has endured and many of the books listed in this store are part of my own personal collection of books pertaining to the Ancient Celts. I highly recommend all of the books shown on the first page shown above and I own most of them.

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Celtic Warrior Books

Recommend books: Celtic Warrior: 300 BC - AD 100 (Warrior) by Stephen Allen

Celtic Mythology Books

This is a classic book about Celtic Mythology: Celtic (Myths & Legends S.) by Thomas W. Rolleston

Celtic Art Books

This book is very popular: Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction (Celtic Interest)

Celtic Origins Books

There are a number of reference books relating to the genetic origin but this book was Runner Up in the British Archaeology Awards in 2004 (in The Archaeological Book Award category).

Celtic Atlases - The Historical Atlas of the Ancient Celtic World

This is a great reference to have : The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World (Historical Atlas) by John Haywood

Celtic Fortification Books

You may prefer a general book but this is one of the most scholarly books about hillforts from a heavyweight of Celtic studies: Danebury Hillfort by Barry Cunliffe

Books about Celtic Wales

From the two foremost authorities in Celtic Studies in Wales: Celtic Wales (Pocket Guides)
By Miranda J. Green, Raymond Howell

Books about Celtic Scotland

Recommended reading: Celtic Scotland by Ian Armit

History Books