Wall Map of the Roman Empire (62 x 91 cm)


This detailed wall map shows the extent of the Roman Empire at key times during its
and is ideal for classroom display and reference.

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Key Features:

  • The Map outlines the furthest extent of the Roman Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa in 117AD
  • It also shows five different eras of imperial expansion prior to and including the reign of Trajan
  • The detail and information provided is the product of extensive research and historical scrutiny
  • Place names are presented in the original Latin
  • This is overlayed upon a high definition topographical relief map
  • Printed on 100# silk matte paper (for durability and resistance to glare) and coated with a protective aqueous layer

Detailed Features Presented on the Wall Map:

  • Over 750 cities with different icons for provincial capitals and city size
  • All 30 active legions presented in their known headquarters along with additional 'former' bases
  • 8 major naval bases (2 imperial and 6 provincial)
  • Over 150 'barbarian' tribes in their generalized known locations
  • Over 120 major waterways labelled (rivers, lakes, seas and oceans)
  • Over 125 battles - including icons to differentiate civil wars and revolts from 'Rome vs. enemy'
  • All provinces and neighboring 'kingdoms' or territories
  • 120+ Major regions and geographic points of interest such as mountains and islands
  • Important trade goods numbering over 150
  • Trade routes by sea and known caravan routes with approximate travel times for select routes
  • 25+ labelled roads in addition to a vast network of known locations
  • The limits of expansion as of 197 BC, 100 BC, 30 BC, 46 AD and 117 AD

A Closer View of the Wall Map

North-eastern region of Hispania


A Close View of the Wall Map

Rome and its 'environs'



Ideal for classroom displays on the Roman Empire

Your Location UK North America Europe Australia
Price £22.00 $35 USD € 27 EUR $42 AUD
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