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September 2010


Roman Caerleon Trail - Newport University

New and exciting history resources have been produced for schools visiting the Roman Legionary Fortress, in Caerleon, this September. The resources can even be accessed on location using smart phones. There are videos for eighteen key locations around the Fortress which are guided by the charismatic Centurion of the Second Augustan Legion – Flavius Rufinius.

Even if you can't visit the Fortress in person you can get a good feel for the site. The resources include a 3D reconstruction of the Fortress and a clickable map. There are 3D re-constructions of buildings within the Fortress. These include the first visual reconstruction of the Tetrapylon which was a structure which gave access to the Headquarters.

This is a practical and innovative resource.

Books about Roman Caerleon:

Tadia's Family in Roman Isca (Welsh History Stories)

A Teacher's Guide to Roman Caerleon



Link to Caerleon Trail
The Remains at the Prysg Barracks

Plan of Caerleon FortressClickable Plan of the Fortress


New Discovery of Major Roman Complex in Caerleon

A team of Archaeologists excavating the ground between the amphitheater and the River Usk have discovered the outlines of huge buildings. Dr Peter Guest is quoted as saying:

"We think they could have included markets, administrative buildings like town halls, bath houses, store buildings, or even possibly temples."

"The biggest is enormous and must be one of the largest buildings known from Roman Britain."

Although it was already known that the Fortress was one of the most important Roman military bases in Britain it was not known how extensive and therefore important the civilian settlement was. The Fortress is already one of the best preserved in Britain but these huge buildings in the settlement are unparalleled amongst the surviving archaeology of the island.

View this report of the dig shown on the BBC News Wales website



Link to Caerleon Trail
New Roman Complex pictured between the Usk River and the Fortress





Lots more History Websites for Children

The Celts:

The Celts in Wales - BBC Wales

This site includes entertaining interactive activities related to the Celts in Wales:
- Build a roundhouse
- The war chariot
- Dig up the past

Link to Celts - BBC

Scotland's History - BBC

Explore the history of Scotland from the time of Skara Brae to the Reformation. For residents of the U. K. there is over 6 minutes of video related to the Battle of Mons Graupius during which Tacitus claims that 10,000 Caledonians were slaughtered by the Romans. If you click on the 'To find out more ..' links you can view a larger version of the video and more video relating to the Antonine Wall.

  Link to Boudicca

Boudicca's Revolt - BCC/Netmedia 
This resource is aimed at the K. S. 2 National Curriculum. It looks at the revolt through the eyes of four different characters. The images are original and will appeal to children. Teachers will be pleased to see some appropriate activities for the classroom.

Books about Bouddica


Link to Boudicca

Ancient History - BBC

An excellent interactive which reconstructs a Celtic roundhouse.

Link to build a roundhouse


Gathering the Jewels

See how the roundhouse at Castell Henllys was built and what it is like inside.

Link to Castell Henllys


Wetwang Chariot - BBC History Trail
See how archaeological evidence, found at the Wetwang chariot burial, has been used to
reconstruct a Celtic chariot. The interactive also includes a step by step demonstration of how
the chariot would have been made and you can test how much you learnt in the quiz.

Link to Wetwang Chariot

More celtic websites

The Romans:

Primary History Romans - BBC

The BBC's new website on the Romans for primary school aged children includes basic information on a range of popular topics and lots of video clips. As you might expect from the British Broadcasting Commission the site is focused on the Romans in Britain. Therefore the title of 'Rebellion' refers to the British Rebellion led by Boudica.

The website not only looks appealing but the photographs are of good quality and provide a modern interpretation. The image pictured right provides an example. The video is only accessible if you are accessing the site whilst in the UK.

Basilica at Eboracum (York)

The Caerleon Challenge - NMGW, Newport LEA, and CADW
A Web Quest about the Bath House at Caerleon Roman Fortress. There are 5 tasks to complete. It includes an interesting bank of resources from the collections of the Roman Legionary Museum and CADW.

Link to Caerleon Challenge

Romans' TV - NMGW, Newport LEA, and EBP

Romans' TV is a teaching resource which promotes debate about the benefits which the Romans brought to the tribes of what is now South Wales. The educational rooms of the National Roman Legionary Museum and the archaeological remains of the Roman Legionary Fortress in Caerleon provide the 'film set'. Teachers from South Wales do a great job in acting out this imaginary TV programme.

The film has purposely been written from a Roman perspective to encourage pupils to question and debate the important issues of the time. The 'teachers notes' and 'thinking points' will help you to make the most of the resource which is suitable for Key Stage 2.


Link to Romans TV


Secrets of Lost Empires - Nova Online

This site includes interactive activities related to Roman bathing:
- A day at the baths
- Construct an aqueduct
- Roman recipes


Link to Roman Baths


Wouldn't You Like to Be a Roman Gladiator

Web based book for children. Produced by the Salariya Book Company.

Link to Roman Gladiators book

Rome Reborn - University of Virginia
This is probably the most ambitious 3-D reconstruction ever attempted. The website provides some great snap shots of how Rome would have looked. I particularly recommend viewing the video tours of iconic Roman places, such as the interior of the Colosseum or Circus Maximus.

Link to Rome Reborn

Emperor Nero's revolving dining hall - Added Oct 2009

Nero's revolving dining room  

Headline History
Interview characters from the pages of history and then submit your newspaper report online. The topics to report on include: 'Boudicca's Deathly Defeat', 'Sick Travelers Seek Cure' and 'Hadrian's Wall is Complete'.

NB this website is currently unavailable

Link to Headline History - Romans


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