Roman Technology

Dolaucothi Gold Mine

An interactive tour of a Roman gold mine. Includes an animation of a water wheel used to empty the Dolaucothi gold mine of water.

The following resources are contained in this interactive:

An animated reconstruction of the water-lifting wheel found inside the Roman goldmine

An interactive quiz about Dolaucothi Gold Mine

A map of Roman Wales including locations of Roman forts, roads and gold mines. Placenames mentioned include Luentium, Moridinum and the Demetae tribe

Information about Roman mining

A simple drawing illustrating what the Roman Fort at Pumsaint might have looked like


As can be seen from the interactive map on this website one of the reasons why the Romans wanted to come to Britain was because the country was believed to be rich in metals. Cornish tin had been traded with Mediterranean countries for about a thousand years before the Romans invaded.

Gold was not abundant in Britain but where it was available it was extensively mined. Dolaucothi, in Carmarthenshire, was the principal place where it was mined. By using this activity you can learn more about Roman mining and technology. You will also learn about the interaction between the Romans and the British Celts.

Visit Dolaucothi Gold Mine

There were many other gold mines in the roman empire including Spain.

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